I'm not what you think I am  

Joe O'Brien
Posted on: 11/3/19
Category: Film

Brie Larson has a great time playing Captain Marvel in the MCU's latest blockbuster. An amazingly believable CGI de-aged Sam Jackson plays a young Nick Fury who, in his youth is a little less wise and a little more fun to be around. After a dull opening in space, the film really starts to entertain once our hero hits Earth. Set in the '90s gives the film an interesting hook, even if that fact is rubbed into our faces a little too much (See: Captain Marvel crash-landing at Blockbuster Video) or the musical numbers are too on the nose (No Doubt's 'Just a Girl' blasts out during one fight scene).

By in large it's another MCU by the numbers, ticking all the boxes we've come to expect from the universe in its now mature stages. Considering the bar has been set so high, that isn't a bad thing at all. It's action-packed, charming, funny and gorgeous to look at. As far as blockbusters go, there hasn't really been a better entry in 2019 thus far for entertainment value. Captain Marvel proves to be a very enticing prologue for what's to come with Avengers Endgame in April.


Brie Larson has a great time playing Captain Marvel as the MCU shows no signs of letting up.